betzer pentaform pf M5,0 x length

betzer pentaform pf M5,0 x length

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Thread forming screw for metal connections
According to DIN 7500 
Pan head screw with internal six-lobe recess
according to betzer-standard BN-20-12-112

Length [mm]: 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 30

Material: Steel, case hardened and tempered

Corrosion protection: Zinc-flake plated silver

- For stamped holes, rims and blind holes in metals.
- The pentagon-shaped end of the shank helps to position the screw and forms the internal thread in the component. 
- The betzer pentaform screw is case hardened and tempered, resulting in a very sturdy screw with high tensile strength.

Economic advantages
- No thread cutting required  beforehand by using the betzer pentaform screw.
- Economized production sequence. 
- Reduced number of assembly components (no counternuts or other fasteners required).
- Reduced overall weight of the component or subassembly.
- Lower overall cost of assembly using pentaform screws.

Quality features
- The positive fit of the betzer pentaform screw in the self-formed thread prevents spontaneous loosening.
- Thread forming without chips, no loss of material.
- Low tapping torques.
- High tightening torques are possible.
- Once tightened, the betzer pentaform screw resists high stripping forces.

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pf M 5 x 10, 250 pcs. = approximately 0.7 kg
pf M 5 x 12, 
250 pcs. = approximately 0.8 kg
pf M 5 x 16, 
250 pcs. = approximately 0.8 kg
pf M 5 x 20, 250 pcs. = approximately 0.9 kg
pf M 5 x 25, 250 pcs. = approximately 1.0 kg
pf M 5 x 30, 250 pcs. = approximately 1.2 kg

Packaging: 250 pcs

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